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About Our Firm

Azlan & Associates is a management consulting company, formed with the intention of helping clients tackle their challenging management issues and improve their business and competitive edge.

Since its formation in 1998, A&A have been successfully helping clients with innovative ideas, practical approaches and implementable solutions provided by our experienced team of consultants. Through the years, we have developed long standing relationships with our existing clients and continue to build partnerships with new clients. The firm has amassed a wealth of experience gathered from our continually evolving business knowledge and methodologies working on critical issues in industries such as government, finance, manufacturing, services, property and ICT.

A&A offers a reliable, high quality alternative to in-house resources in the core areas of Business Development, Project Management, Corporate Advisory, Human Resource Planning and Recruitment and IT planning skills to organisations to meet their business goals.

The firm is a registered consultant with the Malaysian Government since 1998 to provide consultancy services to the government under the following categories.

  1. 240300 Management, Privatisation and Corporate
  2. 240600 Marketing Research Management
  3. 243000 IT Management

A true alternative to in-house expertise, A&A offers a very high level of practical experience, know-how, associates, and confidentiality. A&A provides clients with a high degree of professionalism and in turn, we also provide organisations with a less risky way to develop new business areas rather than working completely in-house with their own people.

A&A has a pool of local professionals with experience in implementing the entire spectrum of projects from high-level and large infrastructure projects, to small scale business and market development projects. A&A has the capability to take on recovery and resuscitation projects as our Partners and pool of professionals have also provided corporate rescue and recovery assignments to organisations in Malaysia.

With our pool of local expertise, each with years of hands-on working experience in management responsibilities within large Malaysian and multinational corporations behind us, Azlan & Associates would like to disclose our capabilities.

Keys to Success:
  • Relationship building;
  • Local pool of accomplished professionals with the necessary experience to undertake the range of services offered confidently and professionally;
  • Imparting skills and knowledge on experience of implementation to client organisation;
  • Leveraging from a local approach to consulting with the necessary international exposure;
  • Fact-based, objective and structured approach in doing all our work,
  • Having proven methods based on our experience, but re-apply these thoroughly for each new customer or each new assignment for the same customer.
HomeAbout usCore competenciesServicesBusiness relationshipsPast assignmentsThe partnersContact us
Azlan & Associates (001153451-W), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia