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Highlights of Assignments

Since the Partnership began operating fully in November 1998, we have undertaken numerous assignments for our clients.  The jobs that these clients have assigned to the Partnership are listed below.  Most of our clients’ names are withheld for confidentiality purposes.

Corporate Advisory

  • A&A has completed a Situation Analysis for a government-owned distribution and sales subsidiary company, where the company’s financial, operation and management aspects were reviewed and analysed.

  • A State Government Foundation that owns several business concerns and various investments needed to know the current situation in terms of its finances and A&A completed a financial review of this Foundation. During the exercise, A&A had also reviewed their then-existing but inactive joint-venture agreements in order to formulate exit or progress options.

  • A joint-venture between the Islamic Development Bank and a local Internet Service Provider, which aims to a catalyst for growth of businesses in Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) nations by providing an e-business platform and portal, engaged A&A to determine its Strategic Driving Force and develop the standard policies and procedures for use by its members. To date, this client had also engaged A&A to review a joint-venture proposal for a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) line of business.

  • A well-known land development group under one of Malaysia’s largest plantation companies, appointed A&A to develop a risk management plan, with the view to proceed in developing other managerial and operational guidelines for the company.

  • A property development subsidiary of Lembaga Tabung Haji engaged A&A to perform a Situation Analysis of their business and to formulate and document a Discretionary Authority Limit (DAL) structure for their internal use.

  • Lembaga Tabung Haji / Negeri Sembilan State Government joint-venture technology company has engaged A&A to perform a Business Review Exercise on their proposed "last-mile" telecommunications infrastructure project in a property development project.

  • Cyberjaya's main land development appointed A&A to conduct a Business Review Exercise on a proposed investment in digital wireless broadband network service in Cyberjaya.

  • A major smartcard electronic payment service company engaged A&A to study the requirements and formulate a Request for Proposal for their tender offer for the development of a major computer application system. In addition, A&A was also retained for the tender evaluation and vendor selection process.

  • A public-listed conglomerate appointed A&A to study and formulate a plan for their intended restructuring and expansion of all their ITC-related subsidiaries.

Business Development

  • Having completed a Situation Analysis for a government-owned distribution and sales subsidiary company, A&A proceeded with a follow-up assignment that formulated the company's Strategic Business and Marketing plan.
  • A&A was engaged by Perbadanan Kemajuan Kraftangan Malaysia (Malaysian Handicraft Development Corporation), an agency of the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development Malaysia, to perform an unprecedented nationwide study of the craft industry in Malaysia. For this assignment, A&A worked hand-in-hand with AC Nielsen, the renowned multinational survey specialists.
  • A long-established and large national youth co-operative appointed A&A to refine its medium- to long-term business plan.
  • A public-listed subsidiary of the abovesaid land development group, appointed A&A to assist their main property consultant to formulate the financial projections for various business options for their future development projects.
  • The Ministry of Entrepreneur Development Malaysia appointed A&A to perform a study of the local laundry business.  This study included the analysis of the laundry industry and the formulation of a set of guidelines for new entrepreneurs to enter the business.  Following this, the Ministry has appointed A&A to perform the same job other businesses.  In total, the firm has been engaged to study and provide start-up guidelines for:
    2. Laundry small enterprises
    3. Shoe-repair small enterprises
    4. Hardware and tool supplies small enterprises
    5. General business start-ups
  • A public-listed conglomerate and parent company of several other significant large infrastructure companies appointed A&A to formulate a start-up business plan and evaluate investment potential in technology-related business areas. To date, A&A has completed over seven e-business plans and formulated a comprehensive e-strategy for the Group. This client has also engaged A&A to review business proposals that were directed to them by other companies.
  • A major IT subsidiary of a public-listed group, had commissioned A&A to formulate a business model and concept for their proposed privatisation of a government service.
  • A public-listed property development conglomerate assigned A&A to evaluate the business potential of the following areas:
    2. Provision of security services
    3. Facilities management
  • A public-listed conglomerate assigned A&A to perform a brief survey and study of the Malaysian Internet industry and consumer perception.  The results of this completed assignment is being used as input for their business plan and as case study material for an MBA programme by a university that they own.
  • A top-brand US-based multinational and a global vendor of IT hardware and peripherals has engaged A&A to be their Business Consulting Partner to work alongside them in providing IT solutions to their clients.
  • A&A completed a Business Plan on an a-Education product line for a Malaysian-US joint-venture company that develops multimedia education simulation software products and online services.
  • Lembaga Kemajuan Ikan Malaysia (Malaysian Fisheries Development Authority) appointed A&A to perform a study on the feasibility and financial impact of the supply chain, production and international marketing of semi-prepared seafood products, as part of its plans for a joint-venture with an Iceland-based multinational fish and seafood product distribution conglomerate.

Project Management

  • A city command and control project company, an associate company of one of Cyberjaya’s major land developer, appointed A&A as the commercial consultants and main negotiator for the project.

IT Strategy & Planning

    A unit trust management company that is a subsidiary of a public-listed Financial company engaged A&A to formulate a three-year high-level IT Plan for them, with a focus on market capture and e-commerce.
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